What To Know Before Visiting A Medical Spa

For years the idea of pampering your mind and body has been the primary attraction of traditional spas. Now, the medical spa takes the idea of pampering the mind and body to an entirely different level. If you have never experienced a medical spa for yourself, it is likely that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about medical spas and the answers you definitely should know.

What is the difference between a regular spa and a medical spa?

The primary difference between a regular spa and a medical spa is that the medical spa is typically overseen by a group of medical professionals and doctors. While a traditional spa would likely have available cosmetologists and aestheticians, you will find more in-depth treatments at a medical spa that often require the employees to have professional medical training in areas like dermatology or even cosmetic procedures.

What types of treatments are available at a medical spa?

The great thing about visiting a medical spa is you have access to not only all of the traditional spa treatments you love, such as body wraps and facials, but also to an extensive line of professional procedures as well. Some of the services you may find at a medical spa will include:

  • Laser and light therapies for skin conditions
  • Laser and light therapies for hair removal
  • Therapeutic massage and physical therapy
  • Cosmetic injection procedures for wrinkle reduction
  • Volume lifting for lips and cheeks

Do medical spas still do parties for special occasions, such as bridal showers?

In short, the answer to this question is yes. Most medical spas still accept groups of people for parties and special events. The only difference is the fact that you and your guests will have access to even more forms of treatment than what you would with a traditional day at the spa.

Do medical spas have amenities like those offered at a regular spa?

Don't be concerned that your trip to a medical spa will be lacking anything you are accustomed to seeing at regular spas. Most facilities still offer on-site dining and drinks, shopping spots and boutiques, and other attractions that you enjoy as part of your spa experience.

If you have always only visited a traditional spa, make sure you make arrangements to see what a medical spa has to offer. It is very likely that a good medical spa will become your new favorite place to pamper yourself and rejuvenate.