Your Guide To Breast Augmentation Following Mastectomy

What symbols are more commonly associated with womanhood than breasts? Losing one's breasts is much more than a physical change; it's also an emotional one. For this reason, many women consider breast reconstruction or breast augmentation following a mastectomy. It is reasonable to feel wary of the reconstructive procedure, but understanding it ahead of time is a great way to feel more comfortable with it.

The Best Time for Breast Reconstruction

If you are considering breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, you need to ensure that your doctor is on board with your wishes. For most women, reconstruction includes an implant. In some instances, doctors can take tissue from one body part and use it to build a fuller breast. This is a form of natural breast augmentation. Most doctors will be able to accommodate a reconstruction at any point following a mastectomy, but many experts believe that you will have the best outcome if the procedures are performed at the same time.

In the case of a lumpectomy, which occurs when the doctor needs to remove a lump from the breast, additional treatment is often required before reconstruction can take place. The reconstruction needs to be coordinated with other treatments, including radiation. Instead of a breast implant, some women in these cases might consider fat injections.

Results Following Mastectomy & Breast Reconstruction

Women who undergo a breast reconstruction procedure following a mastectomy experience a broad range of symptoms. For instance, some women stay at the hospital for a one-night hospital stay, while others need to stay slightly longer. Complete recovery takes several weeks, and the first week is typically difficult. By the sixth week, most women can participate in all their favorite regular activities, including working out.

Understanding Your Goals for Breast Reconstruction

If you have been thinking about breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, you need to think about a few different goals. For instance, you may want to change your cup size or alter the shape of your breast following a procedure. You might not even know what you want to do until you speak to your surgeon. This is where you will get information about your specific case.

Considering reconstruction? It's time to set up a consultation with your surgeon. The earlier you begin planning the procedure, the more time you have to prepare for recovery. Your doctor will be able to help you understand each part of the procedure.