Perk Up: The Good News About Pregnancy And Breast Implants

When a woman gets breast implants, pregnancy may not be on the horizon for her. When it happens, however, a million questions may race through your mind. There is rampant misinformation out there about breast implants and health, and it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. Those concerns can become heightened with the worries any mom-to-be faces. Here are some facts about pregnancy and breast implants that are sure to soothe worries and answer questions you may have.

Consider This: Structure Should Remain the Same

Although every woman's body is different and therefore handles pregnancy a little differently, the good news is that some basics of breast implants should not change. The structure of the breast implants should not be altered during the pregnancy or after the birth. However, it should be noted that breasts are often changed in some ways by a pregnancy. Some women experience skin laxity after a pregnancy, and they may opt to have a breast lift after the baby is born and pregnancy weight has been shed.

Consider This: Most Women with Implants Can Breastfeed

One common misconception is that women are not able to breastfeed after having breast implants, but that is simply untrue for most women. The incisions that are currently used by plastic surgeons should have no impact on whether a woman can breastfeed the baby. This remains a very personal decision for each mother who is the best judge of whether breastfeeding is the best fit for her needs, lifestyle, and baby.

Consider This: Breast Implants Are Safe for Pregnant Women

Because of the unfortunate fear-mongering among some who look to one anecdotal story instead of the scientific evidence, there is a lot of misinformation about the safety of breast implants out there. The truth of the matter is that a woman can have breast implants throughout a pregnancy without having any fears that the implants will be toxic or in any way unhealthy for her unborn baby. They don't post any risk to a normal pregnancy, so it should not be a concern for mothers-to-be.

Finally, keep in mind that your body may respond differently to your pregnancy than you may expect. It's impossible to predict how each individual woman's body will change throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. Speak to your plastic surgeon about any initial or ongoing concerns as your body changes after you welcome your bundle of joy to the world. You may want to have further procedures or choose to accentuate ones you already had done. You and your surgeon should discuss all the options to help you look and feel your best as a mom. For more information, contact local professionals like Cusenz Bruce MD.