Got A Turkey Neck? How This Unpleasant Neck Condition Occurs And How To Treat It

One day you are in your thirties, having fun and being fancy free. The next day you wake up, you are in your forties, and your neck is drooping low. This particular problem is often referred to as "turkey neck" or "gobbler" because the neck skin droops low from your chin to the base of your neck, like a turkey's wattle. There are many reasons why this occurs, but thankfully, there are almost as many treatments for the unsightly flap of skin hanging from your chin and jowls.


Yes, age is a factor, but most people in their forties should not see this kind of skin droop. If your neck is just sagging in the breeze at this age, it may be because your family genetics plays a part. Otherwise, you really should not see this until your fifties or sixties. While there is no anti-aging pill, you could try hormone replacement therapy, which can help restore some of the skin's elastic properties and help tighten up the neck area a little.


If you had a double chin for a long time, and you have not dropped the weight yet, a drooping neck is a sure sign that you may have more weight issues on the way. If you want to avoid invasive chin lift or mini face lift surgery, drop as much weight as you can. Some of the double chin will disappear, and you will notice less of that saggy skin.

Weak Chin

People with weak chins have overly round faces to begin with. As a result, the skin under the weak chin tends to create this flap from where your chin point should be to the base of your neck. The older or heavier you get, the bigger the flap and the rounder your face gets. A chin implant can help if you would like to try that.

Fading Muscle Tone in Your Neck

You can tell that the muscle tone in your neck is fading and becoming quite poor when your skin around your neck starts developing these deeply-grooved rings. There are some exercises you could try to tone up these muscles, but the best treatment option of all for this is Botox. Your cosmetic surgeon injects Botox into the muscles of your neck, and immediately they tighten up and pull the loose skin up with it. The results last from a few weeks to a few months.