Health Benefits Of Abdominoplasty

Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedure that is often performed after pregnancy, and is often associated with the very popular "mommy makeover." Not only does abdominoplasty improve the appearance of your abdomen, but it also provides a number of health benefits.

Improves Posture

Multiple pregnancies and losing large amounts of weight can distend the abdominal muscles. Diet and exercise are often ineffective in tightening weak abdominal muscles; however, abdominoplasty tightens them so that the tummy looks sleek and flat.

Abdominoplasty also gets rid of excess fat and skin. When your abdominal muscles are weak, you can develop poor posture or sway back. This can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even difficulty breathing. After your tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon may recommend certain exercises to further enhance abdominal muscle tone, which will also help improve your posture and relieve your pain.

While exercising may be recommended after your abdominoplasty, be sure that you wait the appropriate amount of time as recommended by your doctor before you engage in core strengthening or heavy lifting. 

Reduces Urinary Incontinence

Childbirth can cause a weak bladder or stress incontinence, which can cause urinary leakage if you laugh, sneeze, cough, or run. Incontinence not only causes self-esteem problems, it may also lead to social isolation.

If you have to tightly cross your legs to prevent urinary leakage when you cough or otherwise strain your pelvic muscles, you may have stress incontinence. The muscles surrounding your bladder stretch during pregnancy, and while they may go back to normal after delivery, they may never fully return to their pre-pregnancy state. 

Abdominoplasty not only eliminates saggy abdominal skin and tightens your abdominal muscles, but it may also help improve the tone of the muscles that support your bladder. To further strengthen your bladder muscles, your surgeon may recommend that you perform pelvic floor exercises after you have completely healed from your tummy tuck. 

Whether you need to improve your posture, reduce urinary incontinence, or simply want to improve the appearance and tone of your abdomen, make an appointment with a plastic surgeon for an abdominoplasty consultation. After getting all the facts, you can then better understand why a tummy tuck may be right for you. Because abdominoplasty is considered a major surgical procedure, you will need to strictly follow your physician's instructions before and after your procedure to ensure that you heal properly.