Top Reason To Undergo A Mommy Makeover Surgery

Carrying a baby and giving birth is an amazing time in a woman's life-- in fact, most women choose to do it more than once. The bond between mother and child is incredibly special and often lasts a lifetime. However pregnancies are incredibly difficult on a woman's body, and many women find that their bodies look completely different after giving birth, even with a healthy diet and exercise. Just because a woman is a mother doesn't mean that she doesn't want to look and feel good. Thus, it is not surprising that Mommy Makeover surgeries, such as those offered by Ron Soltero MD FACS, are very popular. Some of the top reasons to have a Mommy Makeover surgery include:

Get the Body That You Want

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can drastically change the appearance of the breasts and abdomen. Since the skin of the stomach stretches so much during pregnancy, many women find that they have excess skin long after giving birth,even if they have lost all of the weight that they gained during pregnancy. Likewise, women's breasts grow in size during pregnancy and while a woman is breastfeeding a baby, but after breastfeeding ceases, breasts tend to lose a lot of volume and become saggy instead of firm. A Mommy Makeover surgery typically consists of a tummy tuck and a breast lift and/or breast augmentation, with optional liposuction. These procedures can help you make you body look the way that you desire it to look.

One Recovery Period

A tummy tuck, breast lift/augmentation, and liposuction all have a recovery period. If you are a mother who wants to change her body, you could opt to do each procedure separately and go through multiple recovery periods. But, if you choose an experienced and talented cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Mommy Makeovers, you can have all of the procedures done at the same time so you only have to go through one recovery period. Most mothers are very busy, so getting all of the procedures done at the same time usually makes a lot of sense.

Improve Your Confidence

It is not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with their new bodies after having children and breastfeeding. Undergoing Mommy Makeover surgery can drastically change how a woman feels and to improve her self-confidence. Many women report feeling much better about themselves and how they look after undergoing a Mommy Makeover. Improved self-confidence can lead to more happiness and less time worry about how one looks or how clothes fit.