A Checklist of Things to Do Before Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery that can be used to lift and enhance the size of a woman's breasts. People choose breast augmentation when they desire a fuller, perkier chest. Many people deliberate for years before finally deciding to go ahead with their surgery. If you've made up your mind to have this procedure done, here is a list of things you should do before scheduling your breast augmentation surgery:

1. Find a doctor whose vision aligns with yours.

Plastic surgeons are professionals who have helped countless patients make changes to their bodies. Their first concern is always your health and wellness. However, plastic surgeons are people too, which means they have their preferences and ideal standards of beauty. It's best to find a doctor whose vision aligns with yours. Choosing a surgeon whose aesthetic preferences are similar to your own can help you have more productive, helpful surgical consultations.

2. Consider your lifestyle.

Your new breasts are more than just an accessory. They're part of your body which is with you every day. Before jumping into breast augmentation, carefully consider your lifestyle. If you're very active, make sure you choose breast implants that won't get in the way of your daily activities. Large implants can create a very appealing look, but they may not be appropriate for someone who prefers a modest appearance or vigorous lifestyle. Choose breast implants that will complement the way you live your daily life.

3. Purchase comfortable clothing.

Immediately after your breast augmentation, you will experience a sensation of tightness in your chest. You will likely feel pain for a few days while your body heals from surgery. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers to help you manage your pain, but the right clothing will also help. Many patients find that soft, supportive sports bras provide compression that feels good on their sore tissue. You won't feel like stopping at the store after your procedure, so purchase comfortable post-operative clothing ahead of time. Choose soft fabrics and bras without underwires. Shirts with buttons or zip closures are ideal because raising your arms over your head may be difficult for a few days.

4. Commit to resting during your recovery.

If you're an exercise enthusiast, the idea of skipping a workout might be unthinkable. However, following your breast augmentation, you will need to avoid vigorous activity for at least four weeks. Your body needs time to heal, and you don't want to tax it further during this time. Mentally prepare yourself for your upcoming period of inactivity. Commit yourself to rest as much as possible in the weeks following your surgery.