3 Things To Know Before Your Breast Reduction Surgery

When people think of cosmetic surgery for the breasts, they most likely first think of breast augmentation surgery. However, breast reduction surgery is also very popular. For many people, breasts that are too large for their frame lead to self-consciousness and reduced confidence, as well as physical symptoms such as back pain. A breast reduction surgery can enhance your life but is also a very serious surgery with many things to consider.

Plan to Spend a Few Weeks Recovering

While the recovery from breast reduction surgery is not as difficult as recovery from breast augmentation, you should still plan to spend a few weeks recovering. The first few days will be the most challenging, as you will be sore and need a lot of extra sleep. After that, you will be able to gradually resume normal activities and return to work.

Heavy exercise, especially anything high-impact, should wait until your surgeon gives explicit approval after one of your check-ups. This will ensure your recovery goes smoothly and that you don't injure yourself during the healing period.

Your Breasts Will Likely Be Perkier Afterward

One unexpected benefit of breast reduction surgery is that it often helps with sagginess, leaving your breasts smaller as well as more perky and uplifted afterward. In fact, an experienced surgeon should be able to shape your breasts, including nipple positioning, to your preferences during the surgery.

This is one of the reasons that breast reduction surgery has such a high patient satisfaction rate and many consider it a major confidence booster. Not only will you enjoy the practical benefits of having smaller breasts, but your appearance will likely improve as well.

You Should Be in Good Physical Shape

Because breast reduction surgery is considered major surgery, it can only be performed if you are generally healthy and will be able to recover without likely complications. For example, if you are a smoker, your surgeon will want you to quit smoking before scheduling your surgery as smoking can affect recovery from any major surgery.

Similarly, if you are obese and hoping to get to a healthier weight, it's better to focus on that before the surgery. Your recovery will go more smoothly, but losing weight can also have a dramatic effect on your breast size without surgery.

By reading through these tips and consulting with a plastic surgeon, you will be able to confidently decide whether or not to go forward with your breast reduction surgery.