Pros And Cons Of Choosing Liposuction For Fat Reduction

If you have unwanted fat beneath your skin, and it won't budge with diet and exercise, then there are several fat reduction procedures you can choose from. Cooling therapies can cause your fat cells to release fat. Various injections can cause your body to metabolize your extra fat. And then there's the best-known fat reduction procedure: liposuction. Even with all of the other fat loss procedures that have been developed over the years, liposuction remains quite common. It may be the right fat loss option for you, too. Consider the following pros and cons to help you decide.

Pro: Liposuction causes instant results.

With a lot of other fat reduction procedures, there is a waiting period between the time you get the treatment and the time you actually see the fat loss. This is not true with liposuction. With liposuction, the fat is removed from beneath your skin, and then you're done. You'll be a little swollen and uncomfortable while you heal, so the results won't be obvious immediately—but the fat is gone.

Con: Liposuction causes some discomfort.

Your doctor does need to make some small incisions to insert the cannulas that are used to suction fat out from beneath the skin. These need to heal. The actual removal of the fat causes some soreness and swelling, too. Other fat reduction procedures, such as cooling procedures, cause less discomfort in the aftermath.

Pro: Liposuction is quite safe these days.

Although liposuction does cause some discomfort, it's overall quite a safe procedure. It has a long track record, and doctors have had a lot of practice with it. There are also technologies that have made liposuction even safer in recent years. For instance, most liposuction procedures are now ultra-sound guided, which means your doctor can see where the liposuction tools are as they're using them. This greatly reduces the risk of damaging nearby tissues.

Con: Liposuction leaves some scars.

The scars left behind after liposuction are small—usually less than an inch long. They do fade over time, and many people are not worried by them. However, they are scars. There are other fat reduction procedures, such as injections, that do not leave scars at all.

If you want an instant fat loss option, then liposuction is likely a good choice for you. There are some small downsides to consider, however, so it's worth having a conversation with your doctor before you make a firm decision.