Reducing Unwanted Hair With Laser Removal

Removing unwanted hair can be a time-consuming part of your personal grooming needs. However, laser hair removal procedures are modern treatment options that can provide lasting results for removing the unwanted hair that is growing on your body.

Assumption: Laser Hair Removal Is Only Suitable For Unwanted Facial Hair

Removing unwanted facial hair is a common reason that people will opt for laser treatments. While this procedure is extremely effective at removing hair in this area of the body, individuals should avoid assuming that this is the only area that can benefit from these treatments. In reality, this is a procedure that can be used to address unwanted hair growing on almost any area of the body. However, you should be aware that areas with thicker strands of hair may require more treatments to provide the level of results that you are wanting.

Assumption: The Laser Hair Removal Process Will Provide Immediate Results

Laser hair removal procedures can be extremely effective at neutralizing hair-growing follicles. However, individuals may not realize that it can take multiple treatments for the desired results to be achieved. For example, some individuals may need to undergo these treatments at regular intervals for several weeks before all of the hair follicles in the area are fully neutralized. Additionally, the hair that is treated with this procedure may not immediately fall out. Rather, it may take a day or two for the hair to die and loosen enough to fall out of the skin. Due to this need, individuals should not be alarmed if there are still visible amounts of hair in the area after the initial treatment. Due to this delay in the hair falling out, many providers will schedule these treatment sessions a couple of weeks apart.

Assumption: Laser Hair Removal Will Be Very Uncomfortable To Undergo

While being able to minimize the time that you spend on hair removal can be an important and useful benefit, individuals should avoid assuming that this will also be an extremely uncomfortable or even painful procedure to have done. During the course of the actual laser hair removal treatment, a patient is likely to only experience a slight tingling or warm sensation as the laser is being applied to the hair follicle. The day or two following the laser hair removal the patient may experience some slight tenderness of the treated area, but many laser hair removal providers will offer soothing lotions and balms that can reduce these side effects.