Things To Know Before Lip Filler Injections

If you're unhappy with the appearance of your lips, you might be thinking about getting lip filler injections. These injections, which are meant to fill out the lips and enhance their appearance, are becoming quite popular. Here are a few things you should know before you have the injections.

There are multiple types of lip filler injections

Lip filler is not a singular medication or substance that is injected into your lips. It is actually a whole family of injectables. Some are meant to add volume. Some are designed to ease the appearance of wrinkles, while others mostly mask fine lines. To make sure you get the injections best suited to your needs, tell your doctor what it is about your lips that you'd like to change. Be specific. Point to the areas that you believe are problematic. Describe how you would rather have your lips look. Your doctor can then recommend the right filler treatment for you and tell you all about it.

You probably won't feel much

People often worry that their lip filler injections will hurt. After all, the lips are a sensitive area to be poking with a needle! Luckily, doctors take steps to ensure the filler injections hurt as little as possible. They'll start by using ice to lessen the sensation in your lips. (Some doctors may instead apply a numbing gel, similar to that which dentists use.) Once the edge is taken off, they'll give you a little shot of a numbing agent. Then, once that kicks in, you'll get your filler shots. If you feel anything during the filler injections, it will be a little pinching, not a serious pain.

The results won't be apparent immediately

If you look in the mirror immediately after your filler shots, don't be disappointed if your lips don't look great yet. There is often some redness and swelling post-injection that makes it hard to see the actual effects of the treatment. Once this fades away, which can take up to several days, you can see what your results actually are. You can expect them to stay stable for a few months. Different filler shots wear off at different rates, but you can call your doctor for another round whenever you feel you're ready.

With the knowledge above, you should be better prepared for your lip filler shot appointment. Talk to your doctor to learn more about cosmetic injections.