A Brief Guide On Breast Reduction

Some people have breasts that they feel are larger than what they want, or that are so large that they cause problems for them. When someone has breasts that are too large for them for one reason or another, they can choose to have a breast reduction. You can learn more about large breast problems and reductions in this brief guide on the subject. 

Some physical problems large breasts can cause

Back pain

One of the more common problems that large breasts can cause is chronic back pain. The size, weight, and location of the breasts can put added stress on a person's back and this is what can cause the pain. Also, some people experience shoulder and neck pain due to the size of their breasts. 

Posture issues 

Some people with large breasts also find that it affects their posture negatively. They may tend to hunch forward more than they should, and bad posture can cause issues in the future including back pain, rounded shoulders, and even joint degeneration. 


Some people with large breasts also find that they can affect their mobility. If they participate in sports, do workouts, or like to do other physical activities, then their large breasts can get in the way, make it harder for them to move the way they need, or even make it hard or uncomfortable for them to wear the necessary safety equipment. 

Some emotional problems large breasts can cause

Confidence issues

There are some people who find that the size of their breasts affects their confidence. They may feel bad about the way they look and even try to wear clothing that helps to hide the size of their breasts. 

Issues with intimacy

When someone feels self-conscious about the look of their body, it can affect them in their relationships. They may not feel comfortable undressing in front of their partner or even being intimate with them. 

Benefits of breast reduction

When someone struggles in some of the ways that are listed above, or in other ways, due to the large size of their breasts, then they may want to have a breast reduction. This can allow them to get breasts that are a size they feel better about and that physically feel better for them. If you struggle due to the size of your breasts, then you may also be someone who is a good candidate for breast reduction.

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