2 Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

Getting rid of unwanted body hair can be an annoying chore. It's no surprise that many people are eager to find new and more efficient ways of removing it. Laser hair removal is a promising technology that has great appeal to many people who are interested in getting rid of unwanted hair. However, there are many myths and rumors attached to the concept of laser hair removal. If you're considering laser hair removal, you need to know the facts. Take a look at the truth behind a couple of the most common laser hair removal myths.

Laser Hair Removal Only Works on Lighter Skin Tones

There is a very good reason why many people believe that you can't have laser hair removal done if you have a dark skin color – or even if you just happen to have a tan. That used to be true. The earliest laser hair removal tools worked best on light-skinned people with dark hair, because the laser detected the contrast between the light skin and dark hair.

However, the technology has changed and grown more advanced as the demand for laser hair removal increased. Now there are lasers that are safe to use on dark skin. Before you book a laser hair removal treatment, find out if the clinic you're considering has one of the lasers that are appropriate for dark skin, and schedule a time to come in for a patch test on a small portion of your skin, so you'll know how your skin will react to the laser.

Laser Hair Removal Is Too Expensive

It's natural that cost would be a big concern, and laser hair removal does require a larger up-front investment than other forms of hair removal. However, when deciding whether or not it's worth the price, you have to take a look at the bigger picture. When you calculate the cost of paying for less permanent hair removal costs over the rest of your lifetime and weigh it against the cost of a few months of laser hair removal treatments, you may find that the laser treatments are actually cheaper overall.

A lot also depends on the areas that you want hair removed from. Removing hair from a small area, like the underarm area, costs between $250 and $350. A larger area, like the back, can run as high as $900. Removing hair from a sensitive area like the face can also cost more.

A good way to decide whether laser treatment is right for you is to go in for a consultation first. Your dermatologist like one from Florida Women's Center Inc can evaluate your skin and explain the best course of treatment for you.