The Role Of Saline Breast Implants In Male Breast Reconstructive Surgery: What You Need To Know

There is plenty of talk about female breast enhancement and breast reconstructive surgery, but very little is ever discussed with regards to male breast reconstructive surgery. In fact, while men do not technically have breasts, they do have mammary tissue which comprises a portion of the pectoral muscles and shape of this area of male chests. When men undergo breast cancer surgery, the effects can be even more profound because men do not have much left to work with when rebuilding their chests. The following will provide you with more information on the role of saline breast implants in male breast reconstructive surgery and what you need to know before you request and purchase this cosmetic procedure.

Using Saline Breast Implants in Men

Saline breast implants for men (or chest implants, if you prefer) are often half-moon shaped, rather than the fully rounded shape that are used in women's surgeries. They may also be slightly flatter and less full of saline because men want that strong pectoral look and not lumpy chests. Just as the implants for women come in all shapes and sizes, so too do the implants for men. Your surgeon can help you select a size and shape that best fits the expanse of your chest so that your "pecs" do not look too small or too large for your ribcage.

The Surgery Itself

Typically, cosmetic surgeons prefer to perform male chest reconstruction at the same time that the cancerous tissue has been removed. The cosmetic surgeon can make sure that the way your chest is operated on will work well with the reconstructive process. This will minimize scar tissue.

After the cancerous tissue has been removed completely, the cosmetic surgeon will insert one implant in the open area of your chest, positioning it so that it will look quite natural. Then he or she will insert another implant on the opposite side of your chest before inflating both implants with saline until they give you a very symmetrical appearance. Finally, the surgeon may graft some skin tissue from your abdomen, inner thigh or buttocks to the side of your chest where the tissue was removed. Because men do not have to worry about having more hair on their chests (as opposed to women where the replacement skin can only be taken from certain areas of the body) the skin can actaully be taken from any fleshy area of your body.

Finally, the openings in your chest are surgically closed. The surgeon might install drains to allow for faster healing. Then your chest will be wrapped up tight with bandages and you are free to go home.

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