Common Myths Regarding Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Most people are surprised to learn about all the cosmetic procedures that can enhance their appearance and improve their quality of life. One procedure that is becoming more and more common is a vaginal rejuvenation. The use of laser technology is used to stimulate collagen production, tightening the vaginal tissue to reduce laxity. Unfortunately, some common myths about vaginal rejuvenation make the procedure less appealing. By debunking these common myths, you will understand this treatment in more detail to help you determine if laser vaginal rejuvenation is right for you.

It Is Not Done For Sexual Purposes Only

One of the most common misconceptions regarding vaginal rejuvenation is that it is done solely for the benefit of your partner's sexual experience. While it is true that tighter vaginal walls will feel good for your partner during intercourse, the rejuvenation procedure is usually done for other reasons.

A vaginal delivery, delivery using forceps, and delivering a larger baby can all place excess stress on the vagina, resulting in a loss of tightness. Also known as laxity, this loss of vaginal tightness can affect sex, but it can also lead to other complications.

Laxity decreases lubrication and sensitivity, which can decrease sexual satisfaction. In addition, without lubrication, sexual intercourse can cause pain and irritation of the lips and interior vaginal walls.

Laxity can also lead to urinary incontinence. If urine leaks out while running, jumping, walking, coughing or sneezing or at any other unexpected time, you are most likely dealing with incontinence that can be improved with a vaginal rejuvenation.

Although a tighter vagina will improve you and your partner's sex life, the rejuvenation procedure is beneficial for other reasons, too.

It Is Not Incredibly Invasive

Another common myth is that the procedure is incredibly invasive, requiring anesthesia, incisions, and hospital stays. Fortunately, this is not true if you opt for a laser vaginal rejuvenation as opposed to the traditional surgical method.

During the procedure, a spectrum is inserted, opening up the vagina in a similar manner to the spectrum used by your gynecologist. A small laser light is inserted, beginning the pulse of lights. These lights stimulate the tissue, increasing the production of collagen.

You may feel sensations of heat during the procedure, but it will not be painful.

Since anesthesia or incisions are not necessary, you will be able to leave the medical office after the treatment. In most cases, you will be able to resume normal activities within 24 to 72 hours.   

Vaginal rejuvenation is an excellent option for your physical and emotional health. For more information, contact a local clinic of spa that offers this service, like VSpot LLC