3 Things To Know Before Your Breast Reduction Surgery

When people think of cosmetic surgery for the breasts, they most likely first think of breast augmentation surgery. However, breast reduction surgery is also very popular. For many people, breasts that are too large for their frame lead to self-consciousness and reduced confidence, as well as physical symptoms such as back pain. A breast reduction surgery can enhance your life but is also a very serious surgery with many things to consider. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Restylane Fillers

Aging brings wisdom, maturity, clarity, and, unfortunately, wrinkles. Some people decide to do nothing while others go to the opposite extreme. There is a middle ground, however. You can age gracefully with minimally invasive procedures. Dermal fillers, like Restylane filler treatment, can smooth, enhance, and plump your face without the risk of invasive surgery. They let you discreetly fight Mother Nature in your own little way. What is a Restylane filler? Read More 

Six Things That Will Happen Before Your Nose Job Surgery

If you're interested in having nose job surgery, you should understand everything that the procedure involves. There is a pre-op procedure you'll go through that will include a consultation with several important steps. It's important to understand what will happen during this consultation and in the days leading up to your surgery so that you're prepared and know what to expect. The following are six things that will happen before your nose job surgery. Read More 

Utilizing Coolsculpting Cosmetic Procedures

If you are suffering from stubborn pockets of fat, you may be able to eliminate or mitigate them with the use of CoolSculpting procedures. These are relatively new procedures that are effective at targeting specific areas of fat for removal. How Can CoolSculpting Help Change Your Appearance?   CoolSculpting is able to provide effective results to patients by destroying the fat cells themselves. This is accomplished by exposing the fat cells to extremely cold temperatures that are able to freeze and kill these cells. Read More 

5 Things Everybody Should Know Before Getting Botox Treatments

While Botox may be one of the most popular and simple cosmetic procedures available today, it is also possible that you have concerns about it. After all, many people have never had fillers and have no idea what they should expect. Here are five things you should know before you go in for a Botox treatment. 1. You Will Still Be Able to Emote One of the biggest misconceptions about Botox is that you will not be able to make facial expressions after treatment. Read More